mandag den 30. marts 2015

Our airplane fell into the Ocean!

Haha, just a joke - but the plane was delayed. Karin called us in the middle of the night, and told us that the plane was cancelled. We were in chock and desperate to know what was going to happen - was the trip cancelled too? We did not have any clue. When our thoughts were at the lowest point, Karin became our hero and told us that we had gotten a new flight at 4 a.m. 

For some of us this whole flying thing was brand new, and it wasn't  better that we were tired by waking up so early. The flight was terrible and ind the end we were all sweating and nauseous, except Karin and Gyvel, who were in a deep sleep. 

Anyway, we are now safe and sound in Amsterdam despite the tiring trip. But we still got long way to go.

Astrid and Alexandra <3

lørdag den 28. marts 2015

3D - Dream, Discover, Do

is an 8 day long international youth exchange in France at Easter, from March 31 until April 7, 2015. The participants will be 18 young people in the age group 15-20 from France, Italy and Denmark, including young people with a loss of hearing or eyesight. An international exchange is unique. We have so much to share, and we will. 
We focus on communities, and at the same time we take a close look at our own national, European and global dreams through the forum theatre. We use the forum theatre to learn more about ourselves and the world around us and to find ways to realize our dreams.
The project is subsidized by the EU.  

One person, Cathy Baccomo,  have done a lot of work to make this dream come through being part of writing the project, but she is no longer with us. For all of us who knew her, we know that she will be joining us in our hearts all through this project!