mandag den 6. april 2015

Day 6

It's had been an amazing week! We had learned so much.
Example - Socializing with other people, from other countries. in the beginning it was difficult, because we had to speak English and we just want to stay with the people from our own country.
We had learned something of ourself, got more selfconfidents, to talk english, to make theatre, to express our feelings, come over our fears and make our hopes come true.

Today is the last day, unfortunenatly and it's difficult to go home after all the experiences.
Today we started with meditation, then we talked about discrimination, where we made theatre out of the experiences, we also had some trusting exercises.
In the afternoon we made final evaluation.
Now we are excited for the big fiesta for tonight. Before the evening we will discover our secret friends.
Tomorrow have we will leave the place and take home to our families. :(

Love from
Liva, Jenny, Angele, Federico.

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